The Best 5 Marketing Tips You Need as a Real Estate Agent

Published on
February 16, 2023

Understanding the best marketing strategies for growing your real estate business the right way

Everyone is online - and thriving in it

Every good real estate agent must have a basic understanding of marketing. Whether it be physical or digital, it plays a staggering role in getting your business on the minds of potential clients. In 2020 alone, over 97% of buyers used the internet in their home search. With more and more people preparing for some of the largest decisions of their lives, virtually everyone is engaging the internet in some way, shape or form to make their real estate decisions - and you need to be on there, with a plan.

What a majority of agents don’t understand about marketing

It’s easy to say you’re marketing yourself as a real estate agent, but it’s another to be successful at it. Back in the day, an ad in your local newspaper was enough to get the job done. Now, you’ll need to manage five or more various outlets, all with unique messaging, content and styles to approach in order to garner business. There is no ‘one size fits all’ for marketing in the modern day, and while many are stuck in their lane - you can take over the highway with just a few added steps.

But how can I ensure I’m going about marketing myself the right way?

Once you have nailed down your voice and brand - you need to ensure your marketing matches the fast-paced and broad demand that buyers and sellers are used to in today’s world. Gone are the days of simplistic websites, infographics and calls to action. The more someone feels they’re being told what to do, the less they’ll do it. Your marketing needs to create a space for them to fill with your services. 

Where do I begin?

Get your website optimized

  1. First and foremost, your website needs to be at its best. Where are those 97% of people going to land once they discover you online? Your website. Make sure your site not only is modern, tight and full of commonly searched Google terms for your region - but that it’s optimized for mobile searching as well. Almost half of all internet searches come from a mobile device in 2022, meaning if your site isn’t suited for phones, it’s not capturing the attention of a potential client.

Invest in a marketing tool

  1. The real estate game is a long one, and you may discover clients along the way that won’t be ready to work with you quite yet. It’s vitally important to track these conversations to ensure you’re never leaving their mind, and when the decision is ready to be made - you’re top of the inbox. Tools like HubSpot, Streak and Klayvio are some of our favorites for engaging with your contact list in the most efficient way.

Find ways to generate high-quality content

  1. Beating out your competitive agents in the area is a lot easier when your content shines through. Buyers and sellers alike aren’t always as well-versed as the next when it comes to making these decisions, and will likely spend time researching the idea before they research the agent. If you can identify these types of questions and concerns, develop content surrounding them and place them in front of potential clients - you’ll be top of mind yet again. We’re talking about blogs, social creative, newsletters and high-quality video. Some of our favorite tools to use are Canva, Fiverr and ChatGPT to get you started. 

Establish your ‘main’ channel

  1. Let’s be realistic. Managing five or more channels of regular content isn’t something you can casually toss into your daily routine, and most may not have the budget to delegate to another person. While it’s important to spread a wide variety of content across several channels, pick the one you feel your business will most benefit from - and prioritize daily content on it. 

Market what you already have first

  1. Letting your content garner attention often doesn’t happen overnight, and takes time to grow. While you build stoves of new content, ensure what you already have is working in silence while you expand. Collect all blogs, photos, videos and reviews to post on your updated website. These will work for you in the background as your new content develops. It’s important to market yourself consistently over time, and not in large quantities all at once. Ensure you have a Google Drive, Dropbox or other content management system (CMS) in place to accurately track your arsenal of content. 

Bringing it home

In summary, marketing yourself as a real estate agent takes time and patience. Being new doesn’t mean you will have a more difficult time doing so. Establish yourself quickly, consistently and effectively and in no time you’ll be growing steadily from the work you’re putting into the world.

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