Real Agent Spotlight: Gio Ruiz: Raising the Real Estate Bar in San Diego

Published on
December 8, 2023

“I deeply value our community and have greatly benefited from it. The training sessions offered by Real Academy have provided me with fresh perspectives and innovative approaches. These learnings have not only bolstered my confidence but also inspired me to venture into new avenues, like starting a YouTube channel.”

With over 26 years of local insight and a diverse professional background, Giovanni "Gio" Ruiz is a vibrant force in San Diego's real estate scene. A graduate from California State University San Marcos, Gio's experience in hospitality to biotech has uniquely positioned him as a standout real estate professional. And now his dynamic skill set coupled with Real’s tech and culture have become the perfect recipe for his business.

Career Transitions = Big Win for Real Estate Success

Early in his career, Gio secured a job with Fresquez Companies as a bartender at one of their establishments in New Mexico. His stint as a mixologist wasn't just about crafting cocktails; it was a crash course in adaptability and thriving under pressure. These skills, honed in the fast-paced hospitality world, have seamlessly translated into the real estate sector. His ability to navigate diverse situations with ease is a testament to his invaluable experience behind the bar.

The following year, Gio transitioned to a manufacturing lead position with MO Bio Laboratories in Carlsbad California, a position that enabled him to refine his attention to detail and project coordination skills. These qualities, essential in the world of biotechnology, have become his secret weapons in handling complex contracts and negotiations in real estate. Gio's meticulous approach ensures that his clients' interests are safeguarded, and every transaction aims for the optimal outcome.

After 16 months on the job, an unexpected challenge arose for Gio when the company he worked for was sold to new owners and mass layoffs swept the workforce. This difficult career transition would actually become a defining moment to his long term success. While considering new roles with other companies, Gio’s parents (Realtors and industry veterans for over 20 years) encouraged him to think about a future in real estate. “I was hesitant to get into real estate as it felt overwhelming but I had great mentors in my parents and they were encouraging during the beginning days as I was learning the ins and outs.” So in 2017, Gio obtained his license, trained and worked alongside his parents and began his journey in the industry.

Real, a Game-Changer in Gio's Business Momentum

Gio’s prosperous partnership as a team with his parents further built his skills and real estate experience. It wasn't long before he knew he was ready to take his business to the next level. This realization helped him find a new place to hang his hat with Real. Since joining Real in April 2023, Gio has found a home in the Real community. A favorite offering for Gio is the exclusive learning platform Real Academy. This tool has provided a wealth of fresh perspectives and innovative approaches, boosting his confidence and inspiring him to explore new avenues, like starting a YouTube channel. Gio and his team stand out by spotlighting their community through video marketing and education, a philosophy nurtured by Real, where a network of agents prioritizes content creation.

Gio attests to the invigorating effect of training sessions led by Real President Sharran Srivatsaa. These sessions consistently provide a plethora of fresh ideas and renew his enthusiasm for the real estate profession. Beyond the lively content creation aspect, the sessions emphasize the significance of community, collaboration, and innovation, principles that resonate deeply with Gio and his team.

If all the above wasn’t enough, Gio pinpoints Real’s proprietary transaction management app, reZEN, as a key tool for facilitating his real estate transactions. “The reZEN app is truly commendable. It provides me with immense peace of mind during transactions, ensuring that all crucial details are just a quick look away.”  In the fast-paced world of real estate, having a reliable and easy to use tool like reZEN is a game-changer, allowing Gio to navigate all his transactions with efficiency and precision.

More than a Realtor®

In the ever-evolving field of real estate, Gio Ruiz has proved each chapter of his career provided invaluable insights to get him to where he is today. Transitioning seamlessly from hospitality to biotech and now establishing himself as a star in the industry with no plans to slow the momentum, Gio brings not only expertise but a contagious passion that has become synonymous with his name. 

Anchored by an unwavering commitment to his clients and community and armed with the cutting-edge tools, technology, and culture provided by Real, Gio is more than just a real estate agent; he is a transformative force fueling the promise of a simplified experience for life’s most complex transaction. 

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