Las Vegas’ Number One Female Agent Joins Real for Massive Growth Opportunities

Published on
May 9, 2023

The Batchelor Hanna Group brings 40 years of experience and cutting-edge tech to the Nevada region

Las Vegas is not an easy nut to crack. Real estate teams looking to dominate the market there have to understand the exact details of the bustling city known for its sprawling tourist attractions and extravagant lifestyle. As Nevada veterans that consistently rank amongst the top 25 agents in all of the Vegas area, duo Jillian and Daryl have built an incredible 20-agent strong team that’s sold nearly $1B in homes. 

“Real provides massive growth opportunities” Jillian said of her team making the switch to the Real Brokerage this year.

As the number one female agent in Las Vegas - Jillian has a high standard when it comes to her team, her market and how things are run. After selling over 4,000 homes - her clients expect excellence and quality out of The Batchelor Hanna Group.

“We offer round the clock red carpet service including all things real estate” Jillian continued. 

“People join Batchelor and Hanna for massive lead opportunities” she said of her rapidly expanding team. With almost 700,000 people living in Las Vegas alone - the market is ripe and ever-providing for agents willing to put in the hard work and time necessary to make an impact.

The Batchelor Hanna Group joins Real covering the entire Nevada market, leveling up their business to provide the best backbone for their clients after four decades of serving the region.

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