A Real Home for Teams

Grow your team and invest for the future with one of the industry’s fastest rising companies!

Our model is optimized to support teams like yours

Keep Your Earnings

With no franchise fees and some of the industry’s leading splits, you can maximize your team’s earnings and grow your business.

Grow Your Wealth

With one of the industry’s most competitive revenue share models, you can earn passive income just by expanding your existing team.

Invest in Your Future

With opportunities to earn stock awards and contribute to a stock purchasing plan, Real gives agents something they don’t normally have—the ability to invest for the future.

Standard Team

Within this structure, there is a minimum production requirement of $5M in closed volume over the last twelve months. In addition, both the team leader and team members must have signed team agreements on file with Real with the commission breakouts for each team member clearly defined.

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Domestic Team

A domestic team is a domestic couple or related family members sharing a single cap. You will share a single rev share and equity position, one 1099, one reZEN account and one Chime account if you choose to opt in. The max number of people who can be a domestic team is two people.

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Marketing Group

A marketing group is a group of one or more agents who are working together under the same marketing name, but everyone is on a full $12,000 cap. The group may be sharing a marketing name, they may refer transactions to each other within the group, but they have no formal team agreement, and they are not subject to the minimum production. Everyone has their own rev share position.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can we be a team with a single cap even though we are not related? It’s just my business partner and I.

No, you must be of the same household.

We are a Domestic Team. We have one cap. What are our transaction fees after we achieve Elite?

The fees will drop to $129.

How many 1099 forms will our team receive at the end of the year?

Domestic teams will receive one 1099 form at the end of the year. All other teams will receive a 1099 for each team member.

Please reach out to our team if you have any further questions!
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